Commercial painting exhibition

Slovenian Istra and the Coast 1.-15. June 2007

Commercial painting exhibition...

A project by the artist and MZR with the intention to help PUM. PUM – A learning project for young people who dropped out from school but decided to come back. The artist has been involved with education for many years. MZR is an education company located in Radovljica, Slovenia.

  • the surveyed exhibition consists of
  • twenty oil paintings and ten charcoal pictures
Meta Lahdenmäki


All of them arose with one exhalation, from one creative stroke. It was dictated by a clear idea. This is the typical process for Meta Lahdenmäki. The drawings and the paintings reflect the reason of life for the artist, a necessary part of her complicated philosophy of life as well as her mostly sentimental approach to the art, discovering and perceiving beauty, always giving birth to specific content.

The initial approaches to the pictures grew from distinctively subjective ideas, penetrated by the painter’s adventures in this world. Then, the decision to move on towards the final versions of the thirty pictures with the title “Slovenian Istra and the Coast” came from inside, supporting the idea of something good, in harmony with the intellect and with emotions.

Painter Meta Lahdenmäki decided to choose this motif after considering that the pictures and paintings are close to the people. Native people! That way many other Slovenian artists in the past – such as Jurij Subic is (when he was in France) started physically and mentally to break through, to give birth to a new kind of modern European art; he chose, after all, a special pattern of art needed and lived by his country Slovenia and the same happened to Ivana Kobilca and others. There are few who strongly long to do something differently like these artists but those who get it differently earn respect and upgrading in their own home environment - when they are facing other people they do not act as foreigners.

The motifs of “Slovenian Istra and the Coast” came up very fast when this idea ripened, between summer 2006 and the following autumn. Because of the timing, there is a lot of green and blueness in the pictures, with colours the earth offers to us, the water and the sky. Even if there is a lot of routine in these pictures, the experienced painter presents every picture as an independent specimen. In the spirit of the new colouring realism, they are skilled in the clear movement of the brush without dirty colour smears. With the clear optical sunny days, the painted panorama views from Slovenian salt fields in Secovlje until the edge of Karst to the Socerb display the blueness of the sea at the foot of the mountain. Many times, also with the other Slovenian painters, when repeating the same motifs from a small part of our country that is well-known and very close to the people– something similar is happening with Bled – the artist always sees something new, which is peculiar to her eyes.

The old obsolete houses of the salt workers are presented realistically and monumentally, they do not show the memory of the past but they are talking about the present time and they show stormy fantasies. Also the view on the Portoroz coast shows the present time with lonely visitors – unintentionally – brings out the context with other similar presentations in a work of art from a time when places like that were born. Moored boats and yachts gently moving in the quietly splashing bay or the famous lighthouses in the Piran bay strongly put between the blueness of the sea and the sky – these and many others show everyday motifs, which are captured to the frame festively.

A masterpiece in rainbow colors is the view to the beautiful valley with the winding road or the steep landslip rocks, the Slovenian cliffs between Strunjan and Izola. The rock layers and rock walls are observed like with the eyes of a geologist. The artwork of Meta Lahdenmäki, the landscapes sometimes enlivened with people, constantly offer a painting story, a strongly decorated memory like the fully colored square in front of the Koper cathedral. Strongly drawn are also the motifs captured with charcoal from the social thematic of the salt workers to the baroque dreaming Tartini statute in Piran. In all shown pictures of “Slovenian Istra and the Coast” there is both conviction and capture, life and our time – and that was the plan of the artist.

Dr. Mirko Juteršek


The Šivec house
»the old centre«


when the exhibitions are held except Mondays
10 – 12 17 – 19

Aid to young people between 15 and 25 with no completed education but ready to do something to improve their lives.

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